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The work of a team event and wedding planner always creates excitement because it is really unknown everything we work. We show you some of the most frequently asked questions that surely help to clarify your doubts.

When is it advisable to use this service?

It is advisable when you have made the decision to carry out the celebration. O can also we take care only of the most important moment: the coordination on the day of the celebration.

Can I choose and engage in preparations?

We are to help you, advise you and guide you, not isolate you. Are ye who have control and you select your suppliers because every wedding is unique

Do you have support team?

The minimum is of two people, if necessary more staff is communicate and is informed of the additional cost.

Would coordinate how many events per day?

We work exclusively for each event, or we only coordinate an event per day.

How is the payment method?

A first payment at the time of hire, from that moment is reserved the date of the event and start to work. And then the rest of the amount is paid in two instalments. A second payment when missing six months and the last payment the week.

You are present in the meetings with suppliers?

Yes, I accompany visits, - previously agreed by us - saving time.

Does the first visit cost?

No, it is only to advise you and get to know us.


Organizing a wedding is very stressful. And why we are to help you in your big day, without having to be concerned neither you nor any dependant.

In international or national weddings requiring it, are also responsible of the guests arriving from different parts of Europe, accommodation and transportation. Our experience tells us that have located all the guests requiring accommodation in the hotel is the best option. In this way, a coach would collect them to move them to the location of the ceremony, banquet and finally bring them back to the hotel. In addition, if you wish, we can provide other services (hairdressing, makeup, tourist visits in the city, car rental, experiences...)

Do weddings have international validity in Spain?

Each case you will have to contact us personally. It can arrange for you or inform you about how to do so. There is also the option of the type "blessing" wedding.

For more inquiries please do not hesitate to contact us.
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